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The organizing for showcase of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in August

EA is thinking of a thrilling showcase of Ultimate Team at Gamescom convention of this year during August. The creative director of FIFA 18, Matt Prior disclosed the publisher that is certainly to apply the conference in Cologne as a springboard for FIFA 18 news about the well-liked mode. Ordinarily, gamer will not be declared […]

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Why so many People are Concerned with Fashion

Why so many People are Concerned with Fashion Many people do not care about fashion and only see it as a senseless waste of paper in the magazines. It is true that fashion industry has become very powerful over the years. Unfortunately it is no longer associated strictly with clothes and sewing. Some connect it […]

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Fashion and music

Fashion and music The Magazine is compiling a people’s history of modern Britain featuring your written memories and photos. We started with the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s and continue this week with the 80s. It was the decade of Thatcher, yuppies, chunky mobile phones and BMX bikes. And huge social changes took place […]

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