jointly discussed mut coins and studied

and jointly discussed and studied the issue of mutual mut coins and overall linkage in preparation for military struggles and military diplomacy. Liu Fang said that the mut coins of “strengthening the use of military power,” “effectively shaping the situation, controlling the crisis, deterring the war and winning the war” mentioned in the hut coins to the 19th National mut coins are all closely linked with command and war operations and military diplomacy. Her point of view sparked mut 18 coins empathy. “The spirit of the 19th National Congress should mut coins preached like this!” Security and stability work is the guarantee project for army building and an important guarantee for military training.

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extremist organization mut coins Islamic state

the chief executive of the agency to the director mut coins. U.S. Africa Command 27 statement, the day of the military in Somalia extremist organization Islamic state “armed air strikes mut coins militants. The statement said the U.S. military is around 15 p.m. local time on the arm is located in the northeastern part of Somalia’s Islamic state hut coins strikes. The statement said mut coins the U.S. military will continue to cooperate with the African Union mission in Somalia and the Somali security forces against terrorists and their bases this month. 3, the U.S. mut coins launched two air strikes on cable within the Islamic state armed militants killed. Media mut 18 coins said that this is the first U.S. The cable Islamic state personnel.

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At the monitoring mut coins meeting

At the monitoring meeting, a number of mut coins shared their supervisory experience and constantly improved their law enforcement abilities in learning and mut coins. Training to monitor “certificate” can not get the hand or once canceled, there is no law enforcement discourse. Under the guidance of the “Operation Traction hut coins” and “Troops mut coins of Skills and Tactics”, “Training Management” and other supervision lists, the chief of an artillery brigade’s training department, Yu Shuo combined with the actual training of mut coins units, refined the assessment standards of supervision capacity one by one and formulated and issued the inspectors Qualification indicators to mut 18 coins inspectors at all levels to mut coins laws and regulations,

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